Sunday Morning Growth Opportunities

Children’s Worship (Kids Jam)
We offer a time of children’s worship on Sunday mornings during the regular 10am worship service. Children who are interested in participating are invited to follow the Children’s Worship leader to the Kids Jam area. We hope this time of Children’s Worship will offer a faith foundation for the children, introduce them to the love of Jesus Christ, give them familiarity with the Bible and help them get to know more adults and children in our church. They will always be back in the sanctuary in time to celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion with their families.

Sermon Discussion Group
From time to time, we offer an opportunity after worship to gather with other adults in the narthex or fellowship hall and discuss the sermon. This group is offered to help worshippers have an outlet to share how the sermon affected them, questions they may have about the sermon, and to be in fellowship with other believers while being intentional about growing their faith.