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(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 06/09/2024

Strong and Courageous
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 06/02/2024

Women of the Bible – Lydia
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 05/26/2024

Women of the Bible – Jael
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 05/19/2024

Mary, Mother of Jesus
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 05/12/2024

The Room Where it Happens, Pt 5
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 05/05/2024

The Room Where it Happens, Pt 3
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 04/21/2024

The Room Where it Happens, Pt 2
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 04/14/2024

The Room Where It Happens
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 04/7/2024

He is Risen
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 03/31/2024

I Shall Not Want – Anointing
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 03/24/2024

I Shall Not Want – Forgiveness
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 03/17/2024

I Shall Not Want – Fear
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 03/10/2024

I Shall Not Want – He Restores My Soul
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 03/03/2024

I Shall Not Want – Temptation
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 02/25/2024

The Lord Is My Shepherd
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 02/18/2024

No Excuses
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 02/11/2024

Moving Right Along
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 02/04/2024

The Significance of Scripture
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 01/28/2024

The Road Ahead
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 01/21/2024

(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 01/14/2024

Denise Parker
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 01/07/2024

Happy New Year!
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 12/31/2023

Christmas Eve – 10pm
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 12/24/2023

Christmas Eve – 10am
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 12/24/2023

You Belong – There’s Room for People Who Feel Outside
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 12/17/2023

You Belong – There’s Room For Hurting People
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 12/10/2023

You Belong – There’s Room for Skeptics
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 12/03/2023

Let The Celebration Begin
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 11/26/2023

How To Start a Celebration – Thank you, God
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 11/19/2023

How To Start a Celebration – Many Hands
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 11/12/2023

All Saint’s Sunday
(Virtual Worship Audio Only)

Sunday, 11/05/2023

Trick or Treat? – Give or Take?
(Virtual Worship Audio Only)

Sunday, 10/29/2023

Trick or Treat? – From Freedom to Servant?
(Virtual Worship Audio Only)

Sunday, 10/22/2023

Trick or Treat? – Officer or Judge?
(Virtual Worship Audio Only)

Sunday, 10/15/2023

Trick or Treat? – Angels and Demons
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 10/08/2023

Trick or Treat? Two Faced
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 10/01/2023

Recipe for Rebuilding – Moving Forward
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 09/24/2023

Recipe for Rebuilding – Confession
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 09/17/2023

Recipe for Rebuilding – Prayer
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 09/03/2023

In The Beginning
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 08/27/2023

In The Beginning
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 08/20/2023

In The Beginning
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 08/13/2023

Summer Fun – Fire
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 08/06/2023

Summer Fun – Water
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 07/30/2023

Summer Elements – Vacation
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 07/23/2023

What’s so great about the good book?
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 07/16/2023

Camp Review Sunday
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 07/02/2023

Tom Lane
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 06/25/2023

Grant Mensonides
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 06/18/2023

Grace and Truth
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 06/11/2023

The Long Way Around
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 06/04/2023

Finding Joy
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 05/28/2023

Grant Mensonides
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 05/21/2023

Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman?
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 05/14/2023

What’s Wrong With You?
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 05/07/2023

You Can Never Have Too Much
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 04/30/2023

God is Enough Part 2
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 04/23/2023

God is Enough
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 04/16/2023

(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 04/09/2023

Good Friday
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 04/07/2023

Swords – Stewardship
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 04/03/2023

Swords – Discipleship
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 03/26/2023

Swords – Recreation
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 03/19/2023

Swords – Outreach
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 03/12/2023

Swords – Worship
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 03/05/2023

Service (or a Servant’s Heart)
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 02/26/2023

Choose to Follow
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 02/19/2023

Sunday Service
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 02/12/2023

Renewal Part 3
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 02/05/2023

Renewal Part 2
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 01/29/2023

(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 01/22/2023

Who are you again?
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 01/15/2023

Habakkuk Do It Again
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 01/08/2023

New Years Day Service
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 01/01/2023

Christmas Day Service
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 12/25/2022

Christmas Eve Service (10 pm)
(Virtual Worship)

Saturday 12/24/2022

Jesus Family Tree – You and Me Too
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 12/18/2022

Jesus Family Tree – John The Bishop
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 12/11/2022

Jesus Family Tree
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 12/04/2022

The Lineage of Jesus
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 11/27/202

Lets give our thanks
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 11/20/2022

A powerful Pause
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 11/13/2022

All Saints Sunday
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 11/06/2022

Mysteries of the Bible – What Do You See?
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 10/30/2022

Mysteries of the Bible – Less is More
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 10/23/202

Mysteries of the Bible – Spotted Sheep
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 10/16/2022

Mysteries of the Bible – What the Fig
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 10/09/2022

Mysteries of the Bible – Bear Down
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 10/02/2022

Unfaithfulness The Slow Drift
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 09/25/2022

Love and Marriage
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 09/18/2022

Do What you Say
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 09/11/2022

Covenant Faithfulness – Let’s Make a Deal
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 09/04/2022

You’re Going Places Now Kid
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 08/29/2022

Here we are
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 08/21/2022

Troubled Times
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 08/14/2022

Good Doctor and Good Book
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 08/07/2022

July in James- Patience
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 07/31/2022

Our Advocate
(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 07/24/2022

Jesus Christ Wake Up

(Virtual Worship)

Sunday, 07/17/2022

Quit Quarreling


Camp Review Sunday


Shut Your Mouth


You’re not from around here


Tell me that story again


The Story of Jonah


Celebration Sunday


Holy Spirit – Under Construction


Holy Spirit – Mother’s Day


Holy Spirit – Holy Say What?


Easter Sunday

Sunday, 04/17/2022

Good Friday

Friday, 04/15/2022

Grain Theory

Sunday, 04/10/2022

Tom Lane – Lose Your Stuff

Sunday, 04/03/2022

Vision Correction

Sunday, 03/27/2022

Don’t Look Back

Sunday, 03/20/2022

More of Jesus Less of Me

Sunday, 03/13/2022

Welcome to Lent

Sunday, 03/06/2022

The Kingdom of God

Sunday, 02/27/2022

The Scoreboard

Sunday, 02/20/2022

Super Sunday

Sunday, 02/13/2022

It’s All You

Sunday, 02/06/2022

Letting Go

Sunday, 1/30/2022

Forgiving others

Sunday, 1/23/2022

Moving Forward

Sunday, 1/16/2022

Looking Ahead

Sunday, 1/9/2022

Nothing is impossible with God!


Joy to the world the Lord is Come!

Sunday, 12/27/2021

Christmas Eve 10PM

Sunday, 12/24/2021

Christmas Eve 5PM

Sunday, 12/24/2021

Advent – Simple Gifts – Hope

Sunday, 12/19/2021

Advent – Simple Gifts – Joy

Sunday, 12/12/2021

Advent – Simple Gifts – Peace

Sunday, 12/06/2021

Advent – Simple Gifts – Love

Sunday, 11/28/2021

How to Say Thank You – Part 3

Sunday, 11/21/2021

How to Say Thank You – Part 2

Sunday, 11/14/2021

All Saints Sunday

Sunday, 11/7/2021

Scary Stories – Guilty of Murder?

Sunday, 10/31/2021

Scary Scriptures – Woe!

Sunday, 10/24/2021

Scary Scriptures The End Times

Sunday, 10/17/2021

Scary Scriptures Cast Away and Cut Off

Sunday, 10/10/2021

Guest Speaker: Chase Stetler

Sunday, 10/3/2021

Sidekicks – Caleb

Sunday, 9/26/2021

Sidekicks – Jonathan and David

Sunday, 9/19/2021

Sidekicks Barnabas

Sunday, 9/12/2021

A Child of Deliverance

Sunday, 9/5/2021

Sunday, 8/29/2021

Life Verse Do Not Worry

Sunday, 8/15/2021

Life Verse Galatians

Sunday, 8/8/2021

Life Verse God is With Us

Sunday, 8/1/2021

Life Verse Revelations

Sunday, 7/25/2021

Sharing in our burdens

Sunday, 7/18/2021

For Go So Loved the World

Sunday, 7/11/2021


Sunday, 7/04/2021

That’s Fire

Sunday, 6/27/2021

Living Water

Sunday, 6/20/2021

A Year of Job

Sunday, 6/13/2021

Your Mission #3

Sunday, 6/6/2021

Your Mission #2

Sunday, 5/30/2021

Your Mission #1

Sunday, 5/23/2021

Time Waits for No One

Sunday, 5/16/2021

Words To Live By #4

Sunday, 5/9/2021

Words To Live By #3

Sunday, 5/3/2021

Words To Live By #2

Sunday, 4/25/2021

Words To Live By

Sunday, 4/18/2021

Preventative Cleansing

Sunday, 4/11/2021

Easter Sunday – The Final Cleanse

Sunday, 4/4/2021

Lent 40 Day Cleanse – Pride

Sunday, 3/28/2021

Lent 40 Day Cleanse – Guilt

Sunday, 3/21/2021

Lent 40 Day Cleanse – Jealousy

Sunday, 3/14/2021

Lent 40 Day Cleanse – Greed

Sunday, 3/7/2021

Lent 40 Day Cleanse – Anger

Sunday, 2/28/2021

Lent 40 Day Cleanse – Guilt

Sunday, 2/21/2021

A Word to our Sponsors

Sunday, 2/14/2021

Super Sunday

Sunday, 2/7/2021

Back to the Basics
What is the Church?

Sunday, 1/31/2021

Back to the Basics
Who is the Holy Spirit?

Sunday, 1/24/2021

Back to the Basics
Who is Jesus?

Sunday, 1/17/2021

Back to the Basics
Who is God?

Sunday, 1/10/2021

Happy New Year

Sunday, 1/3/2021

Christmas Eve, 10pm candlelight service

Thursday, 12/24/2020

What’s the Big Deal about Christmas? Final

Sunday, 12/20/2020

What’s the Big Deal about Christmas? Week 3

Sunday, 12/13/2020

What’s the Big Deal about Christmas? All the Excitement

Sunday, 12/6/2020

What’s the Big Deal about Christmas? First Thing’s First

Sunday, 11/29/2020

Congregation Appreciation Month Final

Sunday, 11/22/2020

Congregation Appreciation Month

Sunday, 11/15/2020

Congregation Appreciation Month

Sunday, 11/08/2020

All Saints Day

Sunday, 11/01/2020

A Word About the Election

Sunday, 10/25/2020

Why am I Here? #3

Sunday, 10/18/2020

Why am I Here? Part 2

Sunday, 10/11/2020

Why am I Here? Part 1

Sunday, 10/4/2020

Deep Roots – The Harvest

Sunday, 9/27/2020

Rainy Season, Dry Season

Sunday, 9/20/2020

Deep Roots – Water and Sunshine

Sunday, 9/13/2020

Deep Roots – Welcome to the Garden

Sunday, 9/06/2020

Don’t Waste Your Life – Ecclesiastes 9:1-12

Sunday, 8/30/2020

The Pursuit of Happiness

Sunday, 8/23/2020


Sunday, 8/16/2020

Story within a story

Sunday, 8/9/2020

God will never give you more than you can handle

Sunday, 8/2/2020


Sunday, 7/26/2020

Sin Which Cannot Be Forgiven

Sunday, 7/19/2020

Don’t Judge!

Sunday, 7/12/2020

Take a  Deep Breath

Sunday, 7/06/2020

Next Time I See You… Philippians 2

Sunday, 6/14/2020

Another in the Water

Sunday, 6/7/2020

Another into the Fire

Sunday, 5/31/2020

Extended Cabinet of the United Methodist Conference

Sunday, 5/24/2020

Plus 1 – Another in Everyday

Sunday, 5/17/2020

Interesting People – Not So Little Women

Sunday, 5/10/2020

Interesting People – Naaman – Simple Faith

Sunday, 5/3/2020

Interesting People – Korah, Swallowed by Pride

Sunday, 4/26/2020

Interesting People – King Jehoash
Don’t Quit

Sunday, 4/19/2020

Easter Sermon

Sunday, 4/12/2020

Restoration Project – Unlearn Something

Sunday, 4/5/2020

Restoration Project – Reusable Refuse

Sunday, 3/29/2020

From the Inside Out

Sunday, 3/15/2020

What Do You See in That

Sunday, 3/8/2020

The Old Made New

Sunday, 3/1/2020

How to Avoid a Train Wreck

Sunday, 2/23/2020

How to Avoid a Train Wreck – Stop

Sunday, 2/9/2020

Turn and
Face the Strange

Sunday, 1/19/2020


Sunday, 1/12/2020

Make It

Sunday, 1/5/2020

God With Us

Sunday, 12/22/2019

Unexpected Blessings

Sunday, 12/08/2019

Blue Christmas

Sunday, 12/01/2019

This is Us

Sunday, 11/17/2019

The Youngin’s

Sunday, 11/10/2019

All Saints Sunday

Sunday, 11/03/2019

Victory in Jesus

Sunday, 10/27/2019

Death, Now What?
Spoiler Alert
Sunday, 10/13/2019

Sunday, 9/29/2019

Maintenance 2
Ecclesiastes 4
Sunday, 9/22/2019

How Are You?
Sunday, 9/15/2019

Power Up 3 – The Next
Level – Daniel 1
Sunday, 8/18/2019

Power Up 2 – Stay On
Target – Daniel 5
Sunday, 8/11/2019

Power Up — Are You in Exodus 19

Sunday, 8/04/2019

God on Film — Toy Story 4
– Ephesians 1
Sunday, 7/28/2019

Celebration Sunday
– Philippians 3
Sunday, 6/30/2019

Money Issues & Heart Problems
– Proverbs 11
Sunday, 6/16/2019
(note: very low audio)

Guard Your Heart –
Proverbs 4

Sunday, 6/02/2019

Guest Speaker
– Jef Jarecki

Sunday, 5/26/2019

Patience Buffering
– You will get through this –
Philippians 4

Sunday, 5/12/2019

Patience Buffering
This will be so nice when its done
John 21
Sunday, 5/5/2019

– I can’t wait till this is over
– Acts 1

Sunday, 4/28/2019

Easter Sunday
– New Beginnings
– John 20-21

Sunday, 4/21/2019

More Love Less Hate
– What would Jesus Do
– Palm Sunday

Sunday, 4/14/2019

More Love Less Hate
Put it Into Practice
Luke 6 27-35

Sunday, 4/7/2019

More Love Less Hate
Pay It Forward

Sunday, 3/31/2019

More Love Less Hate
– Jacob & Esau
Take the First Step

Sunday, 3/24/2019

Less Hate
– God’s Plan

Sunday, 3/02/2019

Conversation Hearts 3
– You First

Sunday, 2/24/2019

Conversation Hearts 2
– Be Kind

Sunday, 2/17/2019

Conversation Hearts 1
– How we Talk

Sunday, 2/10/2019

Football Sunday
Sunday, 2/3/2019

How Does That Work – Prayer
Sunday, 1/26/2019

How Does that Work – The Bible
Sunday, 1/20/2019

Make the Holidays
Brighter 2

Sunday, 12/09/2018

Make the Holidays

Sunday, 12/02/2018

Big Happy Family
How I Met Your Brother

Sunday, 11/25/2018

Big Happy Family
The Stories We Tell

Sunday, 11/18/2018

Big Happy Family
What family are you from?

Sunday, 11/04/2018

The Scariest
Thing Ever

Sunday, 10/28/2018

Scary Stories 3
Danger is lurking

Sunday, 10/21/2018

Scary Stories 2
Hunted by Wolves

Sunday, 10/14/2018

Scary Stories
Surrounded by Enemies

Sunday, 10/7/2018

This isn’t mine…
what good is it

Sunday, 9/23/2018

This isn’t mine…
I think I’ll keep it

Sunday, 9/16/2018

State of the Church
Sunday, 9/2/2018

Love – It’s the Law
Sunday, 8/18/2018

Sunday, 8/12/2018

Kingdom Languages
Sunday, 5/20/2018

Testify to the Son
Sunday, 5/11/2018

Faith Conquers the World
Sunday, 5/06/2018

Love One Another
Sunday, 4/22/2018

Children of God
Sunday, 4/15/2018

God is Light
Sunday, 4/8/2018

I Believe in The Resurection
Sunday, 4/1/2018

I Believe in The Church
Sunday, 3/11/2018

I Believe in the Holy Spirit
Sunday, 3/04/2018

I Believe in Jesus
Sunday, 2/25/2018

I Believe in God
Sunday, 2/18/2018

Come Down From That Mountain!
Sunday, 2/11/2018

A Dwelling Place
for God

Sunday, 2/4/2018

How are you
carrying the

Sunday, 1/28/2018

Living Into
Your Baptism

Sunday, 1/14/2018

A Savior for
All People

Sunday, 1/7/2018

The Hope Of
Christmas Future

Sunday, 12/24/2017

Christmas Past

Sunday, 12/03/2017

Hope – Psalm 46
Sunday, 11/12/2017

A Little is Enough
Sunday, 11/5/2017

Generous Living
Sunday, 11/5/2017


Sunday, 09/10/2017

Fear Satan
Sunday, 10/22/2017

Works of Mercy
Sunday, 08/20/2017

Fear of Not Being Enough
Sunday, 10/15/2017

Fear of Being Alone
Sunday, 10/01/2017

When did I…?
Sunday, 09/17/2017

Blessed are the Poor
Sunday, 09/03/2017